About Us

This Job Search Support online course was created by double award winning career coach, Chartered Psychologist and author of 7 books, Denise Taylor.

Denise is a well known career coach, regularly featured on radio and in print.  In November 2008 she was featured on ITV’s Tonight Programme, helping unemployed people get a job.  She is the author of 7 books including : ‘How To Get A Job In A Recession’ (2nd edition, October 2011; 1st edition, March 2009), ‘Winning Interview Answers For First Time Job Seekers’ (October 2009) and ‘Now You’ve Been Shortlisted’ (February 2010) and also the author of Fat to Fantastic, a weight loss diary charting how she lost over 10 stone in weight. She has written 9 eBooks and 2 eProgrammes, including the highly relevant guide How to use LinkedIn to find a new job.

This online course has been developed to provide the resources you need, when you need them.  Denise realised that much of what she discusses with clients is common to most people so producing the videos and supportive material is almost like working with Denise.

Of course if you prefer to work on a one to one basis that’s possible too, either with Denise or one of her well qualified associates.

Denise is qualified to produce this programme through her previous work with 4 of the largest outplacement companies, and well over  20 years of working 1 to 1 with individuals supporting them through the whole career management programme. When not working with individuals, she offers the same service to organisations, in the private and public sector, particularly charities.

Denise is also a specialist in assessment and development, working with companies as an assessor or interviewer, this enables Denise to give you the inside story on assessment centres and enables her to undertake effective interview support, giving clear feedback on how you are likely to be seen.

Denise has won 2 National career awards – for the Gold Career Programme (2007) and the first version of this Job Search Support Programme (2009).

Denise’s experience includes:

  • Bachelors degree in psychology
  • Masters degree in occupational psychology, specialising in career development
  • Diplomas in counselling and performance coaching
  • Masters degree in business administration (MBA)
  • 20 years work experience in assessment, development and career counselling
  • Ongoing recruitment and assessment assignments
  • Clients come from overseas, and she has expertise in helping people move to England, providing personal research support
  • Denise is an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society
  • Denise is a principal member of the Association of Business Psychologists